Animalia was a carpet design project created in 2002-2003 for Tai Ping Carpets. My concept is the abstraction of the pattern of the animal skin, macro to micro. This will definitely provide a mesmerizing effect to the floors.

  • Carpets as a part of our lives and part of our micro universe
  • Carpets as story telling
  • Carpets as a bridge between species
  • Carpets as a celebration for the beauty of nature

The fur, scales, feathers and skin of common and endangered species are abstracted losing their prime significance and transformed into a new dimension through patterns, colors and materials. These remind us of the beauty that exists in every creature which we normally take for granted in daily life.

The carpets are all made using silk, which accurately represents the feeling of the different textures of the animals.

CAMALEONTE (chameleon)

LUNA (dog)

FOCA (seal)


EZE (cat)

QUA-QUA (duck)

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