• Oct.06   Himalayan Nights

    "press release"
  • Apr.03   Elle

    "Carpet Design Showcase"
  • Apr.03   Pace Interior Beaute

    "Tai Ping Carpets"
  • Apr.03   Jessica Code

    "Carpet Fashion"
  • Apr.03   Modern Home

    "Contemporary Carpets"
  • Apr.03   Design Plus

    "Carpet Design"
  • Apr.03   Home Journal

    "Classy Carpets"
  • Apr.03   Lisa Living

    "Tai Ping Carpets"
  • Apr.03   Sing Tao Daily

    "Tai Ping Carpets"
  • Mar.03   Ming Pao Weekly

    "Carpet Showcase"
  • Mar.03   Oriental Daily News

    "Tai Ping Carpets"
  • Mar.03   Apple Daily

    "Floor Plan"
  • Mar.03   Sing Tao Daily

    "Dramatic Design"
  • Mar.03   HK Daily News

    "Carpet Showcase"
  • Mar.03   Ta Kung Pao

    "Floors with Flair"
  • Mar.03   The Sun

    "Carpet Style"
  • Feb.03   South China Morning Post

  • Feb.03   Chinese newspaper

  • Jan.03   Sunday Review

    "Think Pad"
  • Dec.02   Sunday Review

    "Crystals and colors"
  • Dec.02   South China Morning Post

    "The evolution of the society"
  • Nov.02   The society of Aids care

    "press release"
  • Oct.02   Property Browser

    "Floors with Style"
  • Sep.02   hinge

    "Totally Floored"
  • Jun.02   Sunday Review

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  • Apr.02   SCMP Review

    "Time for Tea"
  • Sep.01   Taipei Times

    "Thai and Thai"
  • Feb.01   Sunday Post Magazine

    "Design - Silver Screens"
  • Nov.00   Home Journal

    "In Style - Swatch Watch"
  • Aug.00   Sunday Post Magazine

    "Glass Act"
  • Oct.99   An affair of Chairs

    "The Designers - Paola Dindo"
  • Jan.98   Sunday Morning Post

    "Curiosity Shops filled with the covetable"
  • Dec.97   Home Journal

    "Jungle stool"
  • Mar.97   Hong Kong Standard

    "Grateful faces in the mirror"
  • Mar.97   Sunday Morning Post

    "Bringing Screens to Life"
  • Aug.96   MEGA

    "Finishing Touches"
  • Jul.96   Talk

    "Feuilles Lamp"
  • Jun.96   Elle Décor

    "Shopping - Moody Blues & Greens"
  • Jan.96   Elle Décor

    "Shopping - Think Pink"
  • Aug.95   Eve

    "Eve Living - Ceramics"
  • Jun.95   Eve

    "Eve Living - Of Vases & Vessels"
  • Jan.95   Sunday Morning Post

    "Agenda Lifestyle - Electric Dreams"
  • Oct.94   Casa Vogue

    "Furniture & Cushions"
  • Sep.94   TV & Entertainment

  • May.94   Today's Living

  • May.94   South China Morning Post

    "Gifts for Mother's Day"
  • Mar.94   South China Morning Post

    "Furniture by Paola Dindo"
  • Apr.93   HK Magazine

    "Space Case - Sofa"
  • Mar.93   Elle Décor

    "Furniture - Showing Her True Colors"
  • Jul.92   Elle Décor

  • Jun.92   Dimensions

    "Still on the Cutting Edge of Design"
  • May.91   City Magazine

    "City Showcase - Paola Dindo"
  • Mar.91   Home Journal

    "Faux Profile"
  • Dec.90   Pace

    "Midway Between Executive & Design"
  • Dec.90   Home Journal

    "Just Gold"
  • Apr.90   Hi Fashion

    "Interview with Paola Dindo"
  • Nov.88   Today's Living

    "Interview with Paola Dindo"
  • Jul.88   Aedicola

    "Introducing Paola Dindo"
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