Paola Dindo was trained in painting, mural and polychromes (sculptures) specializing in European renaissance work. She has worked with museums around the world.

In her years of restoration, Paola has gained additional knowledge and experience as she visited and worked with conservation laboratories across the globe.

Living in Asia has enabled her to develop expertise in Chinese paper techniques, Chinese and Japanese lacquer and the restoration of ancient, modern and contemporary Chinese paintings and studies on humidity.

In 2000, Paola took care of all the polychromes pieces and the mural in the Hung Shing Temple on Kau Sai Chau Island. Her approach for this work was the one of conservation. The temple gained international recognition as recipient of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage 2000 Award.

In 1991, Paola was appointed by Hong Kong University to teach a certificate course including teaching basic principles in gilding and the conservation of paintings and polychrome sculptures. The course became very successful and was offered for two more years.

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