1. Conservation and restoration of paintings on canvas, modern, antique, mixed media and wooden support.
  2. Conservation and restoration of Polychromes, wooden sculptures and gilded pieces.
  3. Consultation on care of collections and exhibitions.
  4. Consultation on Travelling collections.
  5. Correct packing and mounting techniques.
  6. Consultation on climate.
  7. Consultation on lighting and measurements of light for exhibition and care of private or public collections.
  8. Consultation to auction houses and restoration of works of fine art damaged in transit prior to auction. Major works have subsequently sold for many millions of dollars.

Images (from top) :

  • Surface cleaning
  • Canvas damage
  • Canvas damage with loss of paint layer
  • Craquelure
  • Sculpture (Polychrome) loss of paint layer and gesso
  • Polychrome sculpture lacunae
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