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  • "Best Overseas Business Hotels"
  • "A prestigious Michelin Star for Restaurante Neptune at Mandarin Oriental"
  •    Asian Hospitality

    "Hotel du Rhone, Geneva"
  •    M Restaurant Group

    "M at the Fringe, Hong Kong"
  •    UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage

    "Award for temple restoration, Hong Kong"

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  • Oct.06   Himalayan Nights

    "press release"
  • Feb.03   South China Morning Post

  • Feb.03   Chinese newspaper

  • Jan.03   Sunday Review

    "Think Pad"
  • Dec.02   Sunday Review

    "Crystals and colors"
  • Dec.02   South China Morning Post

    "Time for Tea"
  • Dec.02   South China Morning Post

    "The evolution of the society"
  • Nov.02   The society of Aids care

    "press release"
  • Jun.02   Sunday Review

    "Design Lines"
  • Apr.02   South China Morning Post Review

    "Time for Tea"
  • Apr.02   HKMagazine

    "Society of Aids care"
  • Oct.01   Anna magazine

    "Regarlargi Una Cucciade Lusso"
  • Sep.01   Taipei Times

    "Thai and Thai"
  • Jun.01   Sunday Post Magazine

    "Bright Sparks"
  • May.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Apr.01   Traveller USA

    "Best Overseas Business Hotels"
  • Apr.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Mar.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "United in Spirit"
  • Mar.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Feb.01   Sunday Post Magazine

    "Design - Silver Screens"
  • Feb.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Jan.01   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Dec.00   Sunday Morning Post

    "Interiors - Home Help"
  • Aug.00   Sunday Post Magazine

    "Glass Act"
  • Oct.99   An affair of Chairs

    "The Designers - Paola Dindo"
  • Oct.99   Elle Décor

    "Le Petit Sherwood Taipei"
  • Jun.98   An affair of chairs

    "The Designers - Paola Dindo"
  • May.97   Elle Décor

    "Out in Front"
  • Aug.96   MEGA

    "Finishing Touches"
  • Apr.96   Hinge

  • Feb.96   Hinge

    "Tin Shui Wa Project"
  • Apr.95   Dimensions

    "Pigment Finishing"
  • Mar.95   Home Journal

    "Paola Dindo Profile"
  • Feb.95   Elle Décor

    "Specialist Paint Finishes"
  • Dec.94   FBA Newsletter

    "FBA Ballroom Décor"
  • Oct.94   Intercontinental

    "Hotel & Resorts - Hyatt"
  • Sep.94   The Philippine Star

    "Peninsula Manila Hotel"
  • May.94   Today's Living

  • Apr.94   Italian Culture Society

    "Annual Fund Raising Ball"
  • Apr.94   Lifestyle Asia

    "Paint Techniques"
  • Apr.94   Elle Décor

    "Ideal Home Expo"
  • Mar.94   South China Morning Post

    "Furniture by Paola Dindo"
  • Feb.94   Elle Décor

    "Specialist Painting"
  • Feb.94   Architectural Digest

    "The Art of Decorating & Restoring"
  • Jan.94   Elle Décor

    "Paola Dindo - Muralist"
  • Jan.94   Elle Décor

    "Hong Kong Residence"
  • Jan.94   B International

    "Walled In"
  • Oct.93   Sing Pao Daily

    "Kingswood Villas"
  • Oct.93   International Interiors

    "Bars, Discos & Nightclubs"
  • Oct.93   South China Morning Post

    "Tables 88"
  • Oct.93   South China Morning Post

  • Sep.93   Tatler

    "China Club"
  • Sep.93   Elle Décor

    "Midlevels Feature"
  • Aug.93   Dimensions

    "Specialist Paint Techniques"
  • Jun.93   Dimensions

  • Jun.93   Dimensions

    "Specialist Paint Finishes"
  • May.93   M Magazine

    "Dante Alighieri Ball"
  • May.93   Dimensions

    "Home Away From Rome"
  • Apr.93   Pace

    "Times Square - Harriman Lease"
  • Mar.93   Elle Décor

    "Furniture - Showing Her True Colors"
  • Apr.93   South China Morning Post

    "Stairway to Hell"
  • Apr.93   HK Magazine

    "Space Case - Sofa"
  • Feb.93   Vogue Paris

  • Dec.92   Dimensions

    "Objects / Walls - Marble"
  • Dec.92   B International

  • Oct.92   Elle Décor

    "Basket - Porphyria"
  • Aug.92   Dimensions

    "The Color Filled World of Paola Dindo"
  • Jun.92   Dimensions

    "Still on the Cutting Edge of Design"
  • Oct.91   Dimensions

  • Oct.91   Portfolio

    "BMW Showroom"
  • Oct.91   Designers

    "Beijing Hair Culture"
  • Oct.91   Pace

  • Sep.91   Discovery

    "California Dreaming"
  • Aug.91   Today's Living

  • Jul.91   Dimensions

  • May.91   IQ

  • May.91   City Magazine

    "City Showcase - Paola Dindo"
  • Apr.91   Designers

    "Saving Space - Asakusa"
  • Apr.91   HK Standard

    "Inspiring Interiors"
  • Mar.91   Style

    "Renaissance Revival"
  • Mar.91   Pace

  • Mar.91   Executive

    "Globe Trotting Aesthetic"
  • Mar.91   City Magazine

    "Murals - The Paola Dindo Touch"
  • Feb.91   Next Magazine

    "Paola Dindo feature"
  • Feb.91   Today's Living

    "Off the Wall"
  • Dec.90   Arch

  • Dec.90   Building Review

  • Dec.90   Next Magazine

  • Dec.90   Portfolio

    "Grand Hyatt"
  • Dec.90   Designers

  • Dec.90   Dimensions

    "Grand Hyatt"
  • Dec.90   Pace

    "Midway Between Executive & Design"
  • Oct.90   Epicure

  • Oct.90   Pace

  • Aug.90   South China Morning Post

    "Mandarin Oriental"
  • Apr.90   The Peak

  • May.90   South China Morning Post

    "Fringe Club"
  • Apr.90   Hi Fashion

    "Interview with Paola Dindo"
  • Feb.90   City Magazine

    "Paint Finishing"
  • Jan.90   South China Morning Post

    "A Med Flavor for the Fringe"
  • Dec.89   Discovery

    "Paola Dindo: Restoring a Good Impression"
  • Nov.89   Ballet Program

    "Carnevale Di Venezia"
  • Sep.89   Dimensions

    "Great Balls of Fire - Hot Pepper"
  • Aug.89   Dimensions

    "Paint Finishes - Italian Style"
  • Nov.88   Today's Living

    "Interview with Paola Dindo"
  • Jul.88   Aedicola

    "Introducing Paola Dindo"
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