Born in Lugano, Switzerland to an Italian family, Paola Dindo is a highly sought-after Hong Kong designer. A training in painting and polychromes restoration enables her to successfully combine knowledge of the history of art and techniques with a wide selection of innovative ideas. Paola is able to recreate the Italian finishes and images which provide a completely new concept in interior design, imbuing the space with the perception of a classical environment.

Paola studied ancient Greek and Latin, to enable her to continue humanistic university studies. Paola speaks and writes Italian, French, German, Swiss German, Spanish and Portuguese, and studies Cantonese and Mandarin.

Recognised throughout Asia as the unparalleled leader for specialized interior paint techniques, Paola combines innovative styles with traditional methods. Having extensive knowledge of and experience with paints, surface and climatic effects, her expertise encompasses all aspects of the creative process. We have used natural products since 1988. Easily recognizable from the purity of colors, the work aims to create a feeling of space and comfort and ensures that time spent in the room is a pleasure.

Paola Dindo & Associates Ltd. is an established and innovative interior design company. Founded in 1988, the company offers specialized paint finishing and a complete range of interior design services for all types of projects and function decorating. Our showroom was placed in Staunton Street in the area now called Soho in Central, Hong Kong.

The company uses only the finest quality natural materials, which not only create the most striking effects, but also ensures a remarkable longevity of the works. Maintaining high standards ensures that this sector of the business received the same high degree of innovation, care and creativity that Paola has dedicated to her specialized paint finishing.

The work of Paola Dindo & Associates has been perfected for the walls and ceilings of prominent locations, from the grand lobbies of luxury hotels and prestigious retail stores to private residences, from Geneva and Dubai to Tokyo.

In 2004 and 2005 we were awarded the contract for painting the "Tarzan Tree House" attraction in Adventureland, Hong Kong Disneyland Park. An oversized hand carved tree, which we painted as a natural tree.

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