Arts for Living
Paola Dindo & Associates
Micio Pallino
Olivia Porphyria

Arts for Living carries a range of products for interiors including cushions, hand painted screens and furniture.



Paola Dindo & Associates Ltd is an established and innovative interior design company. Founded in 1988 the company offers specialized paint finishing, art directing, color expertise, function decorating and a complete range of interior design services for all types of projects.


Micio Pallino "For animals without animals, for animals with love." We carry high-end pet accessories including bedding, cat houses, cushions and bowls. We do not use any animal parts, (such as leather and fur), but only natural and man made materials.


Olivia Porphyria specializes in restoration, conservation and gilding of artwork. The company has provided professional restoration and conservation services around the world.

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