• Apr.01   B International

    "All Fall Down"
  • Mar.01   Post Magazine

    "United in Spirit"
  • Aug.96   Mega

    "Finishing Touches"
  • Feb.96   Marco Polo

    "Mandarin Oriental"
  • Jan.95   HK Bank Premier

    "Profile of Paola Dindo"
  • Oct.94   Eastern Express

    "Paola Dindo: Art Restorer"
  • Feb.94   Architectural Digest

    "The Art of Decorating & Restoring"
  • Aug.93   Window

    "Making Ill Oils Well"
  • May.93   M Magazine

    "A Doctor of Arts"
  • Jun.92   South China Morning Post

    "Artists - Eye on the Weather"
  • Mar.91   Style

    "Renaissance Revival"
  • Dec.89   Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong

    "Paola Dindo: Restoring a Good Impression"
  • Sep.89   South China Morning Post

    "Subtle Tools of Creative Aging"
  • Nov.88   Today's Living

    "Interview with Paola Dindo"
  • Jul.88   Aedicola

    "Introducing Paola Dindo"
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